L I S A  D A W N  G O L D

I M P U L S E   D R A W I N G S


     Drawing can be one of the most immediate direct creative impulses.  Within the realm of different kinds of drawings, I distinguish between the urgent crude immediate transmission void of any other concern or affectation verses the more classically drafted. 

     Many of my most favorite drawings of which I have piles, are what I call my impulse drawings.  Quick ideas put down on the closest thing available, here left, on copy paper.  If I’m lucky, these drawings get put into one of my many notebooks.  I should keep good drawing paper in my printer or keep copy paper out of my studio, as it’s not very archival. 

      I have studied art most of my life, even from childhood it’s been a strong interest.  One is taught early on to learn from studying and copying the masters.  An artist continues to learn in the same way at anytime by also studying other contemporaries that one admires.  It’s really a matter of breaking things down to see what energy/dynamic, elements are working there.  What process is taking place and to learn form that.  It’s like deciphering a code and understanding it’s components. 

     Art’s styles are just many, many languages like French, Italian or English.  Once you speak those languages, you are free to shift mid painting or conversation any language as your mind, intuition or or instinct feels appropriate, that is if you give yourself the freedom to do so. 

     Recently in some of my  new field painting studies, I hit/did what I call one of my home runs.  In the art world, this is better refereed to as a masterpiece though I’d reserve that term for a very select career few of maybe 5 to 10%. 

     In effort to lean from myself, I did something I’d never done before.    I recently copied one of my own paintings over to understand what were the elements were that made that painting work so well.  It’s a curious thing, once this knowledge is gained, it is filed away into the unconscious of knowing and then available later without even trying.



DRAWING: Anything But Boring!” 8.5” x 11” Graphite on paper with push pin   LDG © 2012




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