L I S A  D A W N  G O L D



“Orbit Painting”

Graphite, eraser and

acrylic on canvas

72” x 54”

(2 panels 36”x54”)

Ldg © 2021





     The “Orbit Paintings” evolved out of the “Point to Point" Series that began with a pencil drawing. I was quite happy with the painting process as it was in perfect alignment with my concept to explore drawing in the realm of painting.  In the "Point-to-Point" Series I would paint into wet paint, then draw and erase into it while still wet. I’d some how also done this naturally by impulse for years since undergraduate school.

     After a while, I realized my natural impulses and sensibility align more with a looser organic process than a linear more architectural feel. So I wondered how my same painting process in the “Point to Point” Series could work in a circular motion.  And that's how the Orbit Series came about.  I was lucky that my very first experiments in the round worked beautifully. Because this series was brand new, I reduced the color palette to a family of grays. After several of these gray “Orbit Paintings” and I knew where the series was going and added color back into the equation again.

   Like many of my diptych and multi panel paintings, the panels can be reversed and hung in varying configurations. It is a challenge to create a painting that works in multiple configurations and directions.