“Conversation Landscape - Green, Pink, Red”  (Reversible Canvas 2 in 1 Series)

Oil and graphite on linen

Lisa Dawn Gold © 2015

“HTFABC Series”

L I S A  D A W N  G O L D


“HTFABC - Yellow, Orange, Blue””

Graphite, eraser and

acrylic on canvas

72” x 48”

Ldg © 2019



         For years, I've used writing backward and forward as a form of mark making in my art. The content or ability to read the writing is unimportant as it's simply a device for mark making. This painting series, 'H.T.F.A.B.C.’ (Short for How To Fill A Big Canvas) was directly inspired by artist Christopher Wool.

     I was in NYC when Wool, whom I admire, spoke at his old alma mater, the New York Studio School. During his talk, he candidly discussed his influences and early Word Paintings, revealing that they were the easiest way to fill a big canvas. Because I thought this was the funniest thing I ever heard a serious artist say, it inspired me to create this series.  When asked why he mostly used only black and white, Wool was so candid, explaining that he simply was not good with color.  Initially, I explored this series in a reduced Wool-ian palette of black and white. Eventually, I’d introduce my love of color, but feel I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of this series.