L I S A  D A W N  G O L D


A N D   G R E E N   W O R K S





OF THE MOMENT The body of the Spur will be  cast in a silver metal with a patina).  The black star is solid cast graphite (pencil.). 

“OF THE MOMENT”                      

Cast silver metal, solid cast graphite star

Edition of 25

45” x 19” x 9”

Lisa Dawn Gold © 1996 - 2009

HYDRO ELECTRIC VERSION The sculpture “Of The Moment” is also envisioned on a monumental scale that would sit in a landscape encapsulating the western spirit.  The spinning end of the spur would ideally be set in the path of a running water way to function as a waterwheel to generate hydro electric power.

The interior of the spur on this particular sculpture  (left) is sculpted with the box canyon mountains of Telluride, Colorado.

  1. *Commissions for the Monumental Scale version on landscape, please contact the studio     Lisadawngold@yahoo.com

HISTORIC MARKER A-HEAD I had this idea for many years - many of my sculptures exist before they are made.  The idea came while driving and seeing road signs signifying historic markers.  Rather than ahead, I envisioned a head that was a real marker and able to draw. 

Last year at a benefit dinner in Denver, this work took a new turn from being made in solid cast graphite to being made in solid charcoal.   Not only could it be a work of art, but it could also serve to help the environment. 

I’d sat at a table across from a gentleman who had made his home net, net zero. His goal was to minimize the use of natural resources.   He explained how by putting Biochar (form of charcoal) in his garden that it actually served to pull toxins out of the environment.  Apparently, charcoal had the ability to hold these toxins pulled out of the environment for a great amount of time.  Pencil or charcoal, as far as I was concerned, you can draw with them both.  And if a work of art addresses issues of our time, all the better.

SEEDS” or “SEED FIELD” (Version II - HISTORIC MARKER A-HEAD)   SEEDS is a variation of Historic Marker A-head.  Along the idea of Leonardo’s, “Arms length is height high” in understanding proportions of anatomy, I envisioned this work a head as big as my height.

A variation on this work is a giant plowed field with smaller charcoal heads spaced as though a newly planted field.  The charcoal heads are seeds for our future and a cleaner world.

VAN GOGH’S EAR, LISTENING TO THE EARTH   This sculpture is also made of solid charcoal so as to pull toxins out of the environment. 

Drawing: Study for “Historic Marker A Head” 

Watercolor and graphite on paper, Lisa Dawn Gold © 2009


Drawing: Study for “Van Gogh’s Ear - Listening to The Earth” 

Watercolor and graphite on paper, Lisa Dawn Gold © 2009


(Photo: Original work prior to casting in metal.)

Drawing: “Study” 

Watercolor and graphite on paper, Lisa Dawn Gold © 2009


Left - a nutrient-poor oxisol;

Right - an oxisol transformed

into fertile terra preta using biochar.